Thursday, August 20, 2009

Warner Family Portrait, Oak Hill Park, Petaluma

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Ah, Facebook. As everyone in the world seems to know now, it allows for friends, family, and long lost classmates to reconnect. It's been fun to catch up with people I knew from high school (PHS class of '96), and it was extra nice to hear from Noah and his adorable little family! I was flattered that he wanted to hire me for a family portrait on their next visit to the area, and so pleased to meet his lovely wife, Anjli, and their sweet boy, Samir. I may overuse the words "cute" and "adorable" sometimes, but I think you'll find, in this case in particular - I'm not wrong!

Anjli and Noah apologized up and down for Samir's "grouchy" disposition - since his sleeping schedule was thrown off - and I just laughed. He was one of the sweetest little guys (about one year old? I can't remember) I've photographed, and though his parents said he wasn't as smiley as he normally is, there were no tears or wails through any of it. He mostly looked observant and studious, so we had fun capturing that aspect of his personality while we warmed him up to some smiles.

Noah was one of the smartest kids in our class (and he went to MIT and works for NASA - that's a lot of initials, dude!), and Anjli's super smart herself, so it makes sense that Samir looks studious and intelligent.

Anjli is model-gorgeous! But works as a geneticist (or something).

I love it when parents turn into goofballs in front of the camera:

Here we got some sweet smiles!

I love the dramatic oak trees and evening sunlight - very Sonoma County!

Thanks for the great shoot, Noah and Anjli! Samir is so sweet and adorable, and it was great to have a quick catch up with you all.

I got to the park pretty early and took some fun shots of wildflowers/ weeks:

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