Tuesday, May 22, 2007

busy little photo bee!

I am crazy busy, though unexpectedly, not with shooting or editing (that comes in the next few weeks). I set aside almost this whole week to work on office and computer stuff, which is less fun than shooting, and therefore gets put off forever. So a lot of what I'm busy with involves sitting around while various things upload/ download/ have actions performed on them in Photoshop, etc. And hence I still manage to have time for blogging and emails. But I am definitely on my toes this week!

Here's what's on the agenda:

-catching up on office work
-cleaning said office, and house and office spring cleaning involving getting rid of unneeded stuff and scrubbing needed stuff!
-updating photo archives and database (boring but has to be done)
-continued client communication and marketing
-catching up on blogging! fun.
-getting all gear and info prepped for TWO weddings this weekend (I'm so excited), as well as one each weekend after that for a few weeks.
-maybe thinking about getting ready for my trip to chicago in mid June, as well as other trips I want to take this summer (camping, back to Santa Cruz, LA, maybe NY), as well as the MANY other weddings I'll be shooting in July, August, September and October. we've got an extra long season here in NoCal...
-updating my gear stockpiles a little bit (getting rid of outdated stuff, ordering and maintaining new stuff, etc)
-filing, filing, filing...

and, on the more fun side of things, updating my wedding samples a bit; sending out photos for vendors I love working with to use for their portfolios; and finding time to work on my non-weddings (editorial/ lifestyle) portfolio and impending website.

This is a taste of what that looks like:

I'm so excited to get this thing really going!

Back to work.

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