Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Gallery showings

Something else I need to do today, or very soon, is to go see if my artwork is unsold from a few shows I had it in recently. I wasn't able to go to either opening, so I didn't have a chance to take photos until some of it was already sold - oops!

Here's a duo of small prints from a show at my friend's consignment clothing store, Moxie:

See that big white space? That's where the other ones were, but... I was too slow, and they sold before I got the photo.

Even better than my art was my friend Martina (the store's owner and my frequent model) was trying on some sweet gear:

The other show I was in was at Free Mind Media, an independent, non-profit collectively run community center (phew!) that a lot of friends are involved in. I missed the event that doubled as the art show opening, but I hear there was some great music and a rad shadow puppet show!

Both shows featured work from these shoots and Mendocino from last year.

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mmnpr said...

wish we hadn't missed the show...I'm wondering what was in the white space!