Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I can't decide if this is too weird to share, but I'm doing it anyway. Devon and I have been trying to pare down the amount of "stuff" that we have in our house, and to make sure anything we are storing is really stored in a good way (and worth storing!). We've realized that some of the stuff that we love, and want to keep, just isn't really worth it, and so we've been taking photos of some of it before we throw it away or donate it.


Devon was a character called "Bad Blood" from some 80s kids' show for Halloween when he was maybe 9 years old, and he's kept the costume ever since. When we came across the beard recently, I was like, "we HAVE to get rid of this", and he agreed, begrudgingly.

But I did promise to take photos of the things we were getting rid of.

And you can't photograph a fake beard without it being on a person.


And... sigh.. of course...

That was probably an overshare. Right?

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mmmpr said...

That is the coolest beard!!