Thursday, October 18, 2007 updates

I just posted lots of updates to my weddings website,! You can see new photos in all of the galleries, new galleries, and updates to the information, about me, links, and testimonials pages.

"But", you say, "if I've been following the blog as devotedly as I surely have, won't I have seen all of the new photos anyway?!?!". Ah, you may have seen many of them, but you haven't seen most of the new album samples that I've got up in the new "Printed Albums" gallery! So I advise you to take another look!

There are also lots of new photo additions mixed into the regular galleries, as well as updated links to some of my favorite vendors and venues.

And, I need your feedback on something. I have had the "Alternative Processes" gallery as "coming soon" for a while now, and I'm starting to wonder what would be best:
1. Keep the alternative processes gallery (this means fun and interesting usage of film such as toy cameras, underwater portraits, vintage cameras, polaroids, cross processed, etc) and keep film alive! Viva Fuji!
2. Replace it with a family and individual portraits gallery, so that folks can see more of the family, individual, senior, baby, maternity, and even pet portraits that I do.
3. Replace it with another specific wedding gallery. Lauren and Derek's wedding favorites still exists as a gallery of its own, and I can hardly bear to take it down (even though it's now three years old! Happy Anniversary, guys!). I can easily do a couple of new wedding galleries to give clients an idea of what an individual wedding looks like, or I could even...
4. Add more galleries?

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this... Lots of changes and productivity on these rainy, grey days.

There will be a new self-portrait in the "about" section, coming soon... boy, is that an easy one for me to procrastinate on! You'd be surprised (or maybe not) at how horrible most photographers are at having their portraits taken.

And, lest (lest?!) you think I forgot, I will be sending the lovely commenters from my blog post last week their prizes very soon! If I don't have your current mailing address, please send it my way so I can pop it in the mail to you.

The results were very conclusive - the blue bag won out by a landslide. Unfortunately the company was apparently tricking me when they told me they could make that one to my specifications, because after I placed my order, they rescinded and refunded me. So, the hunt for a unique, custom, beautiful and cushy 11x11x1" portfolio case is back on! A HUGE prize for the person who can help me find that!


Megan said...

Please save the date:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
October 1-4, 2009

Mike will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary on a tropical beach (tbd)and I want you and Devon to be there for the photography (and for lots of fun). I really (Really!) mean it!

jessamynit said...

you're crazy! and I love it! can't wait!