Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Paul, Justine, Finn and Cleo's Summer Family BBQ

Way back in July, I visited Justine and Paul's beautiful home and family to do a little portfolio shoot. They were kind enough to let me arrange them having a barbecue dinner in their lovely backyard. Since Paul is a contractor and Justine is essentially a hipper Martha Stewart, their house is amazing. I plan to do more shooting in all the indoor nooks and crannies, particularly as they are constantly adding new rooms and details, but for this shoot I focused on the backyard (including the refreshing little pool and pool house!).

Justine and Paul helped Finn, their son, make a delicious fresh salsa:

I love this shot of Cleo with the vintage soda machine!

There's something so interesting about kids at this age (12-13). You can see how their perspective on the world is changing, and how they internalize so many things about their surroundings and feelings.

And how kid brothers can be annoying but entertaining:

What a lovely family in their lovely yard!

The BBQ was delicious - I had never seen barbecued pineapple before, but what a tasty idea!

This little cutie pie wanted some dinner:

This one too! Their family kitty only has three legs, much like my dearly departed Tess.

(when we turned away for a second, the cat did actually steal a drumstick from the plate on the table. That's pushy!)

Finn is learning about business - he has a cookie-making company and has been known to sell the garden's zucchini and pears:

Little Olive:

And Paul and Justine stealing a hard-earned relaxing moment alone in their beautiful, homemade backyard!

Here's the whole slideshow:

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