Saturday, October 20, 2007

the Offbeat Bride!

I just found the Offbeat Bride website (a book, a blog, a phenomenon!), and I'm loving it! I emailed Ariel to tell her about Alex and Rich's unique and gorgeous wedding, and she wrote back:


I linked one of those shots on the offbeat blog today -- what an
amazing wedding!! -- and I'd love to talk to you more... What kick ass shots!...
I love, love LOVE your stuff!

Sorry too many exclamation points!!,

Love it!

True enough, the newest blog entry is "Rollerderby Bridesmaids" (technically they were usherettes) with one of my favorite photos!

Super rad, I'm loving the aesthetic of the blog and would be stoked to connect with any of their offbeat brides and grooms!

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miker said...

Opened up my rss reader to find your name and pics at Offbeat Bride. Very cool.