Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gracie the kitten

She's barely a kitten anymore - growing like an absolute weed! She was a little sick her first week with us, so since she's recovered, we've been shocked at how spunky she is, and how she's doubled in size (I swear!). Her little skinny ribs are now covered in strong, jungle-cat muscles. We think she is part tiger cub, part rabbit... but with a sweet, cuddly demeanor.

This photos are about a week old and she is way bigger than this now. I am constantly surprised at how high she can jump, how agile she is... quite a difference from our little three legged lovey!

Sorry for the "look at my cat" photos, but I swear it's due to popular demand (and adorable feline-ness).

Happy Thanksgiving! More "real" photos soon.

love, Jessamyn and (crazy) Gracie

(while I was writing this, she was on my desk and suddenly started chewing on/ attacking/ shredding the envelope for my final 2007 Federal Estimated Tax payment - how I feel exactly!

And now she is doing that thing where she thinks her tail is a wild animal, separate from her.)

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mmnpr said...

The sweetest, graciest, rapscallion since the famous kitten dog Tess!