Monday, November 26, 2007

Potential Contest Entries

Once again it's time for Photo District News' "Top Knots: the New School of Wedding Photography" annual contest, and after placing last year, I'm figuring it can't hurt to enter some of my favorite shots from 2007. Trouble is, I have a hard time editing... hence the long blog posts (hmm, did you notice?). I did get the potential shots down from over 75 to these 27... but I'd like to get them down to 5 or so, total. Eep! Let me know if you have any input.

the Details/ Interiors category:

Getting Ready:





One thing I love about my clients and my blog readers is getting feedback - many of you are shy and prefer to email me instead of leaving a comment, which is fine. Just know that I really value your input, suggestions, and comments!

So: which are your favorites? Which do you think are MY favorites? Which ones stand out?


okm said...

too too hard, but:
salmon plate
bride and groom shoes
red and fluffy white bride
blue, square ring on white dress brothers and barrels
violin in the rain

good luck

Megan Clouse said...

I bet you're going to sweep the entries this year!! My votes:

Details: Blue Ring/White Dress!!

Ceremony: 3 Cowgirls!!!!!

Portraits: "Old" Photo!!!!

Recept.: b/w Barn Dance!