Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Two New Shirts...

I've been meaning to put these up here for awhile, but the hardest photos to take are of myself... there always seems to be a reason I don't want to get in FRONT of the camera!

Nevertheless, here are some quick shots of:

The I heart tripods" t-shirt I got when Tess was sick:

(also especially meaningful for a photographer, n'est-ce pas?)

and this LOVELY and unique thank you gift I got from Alex and Rich!:

(accompanied by a note saying, "no one should live in Texas, but everyone should have a bit of Texas style". Unfortunately Rich is still living and working in Austin while Alex is doing the same in LA but I know 2008 is your year for reunitement - I think I made that work up!)

Thank you guys, you are so awesome! Now I can be a cowgirl anytime I want :)

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