Thursday, November 15, 2007

Self Portraits

This last Sunday, the light was lovely and I was hoping some friends were coming over for a little portfolio shoot. They flaked out though (doh!) and the sun was disappearing so I decided, fine, I would photograph myself for the portrait I need for the new So here are the results - no makeup, no "hair", no lighting but the setting sun. Okay, just a touch of photoshop! :)

I like this one for its weird composition:

I'll be the first to admit that some of these are cheesy poses! Tell me if you like any of them for a new bio photo... or if they are too LOTR with the hood and the pale skin and so forth.

It's been such odd weather - 80 degrees and sunny in mid November. Is it climate change, or just California? We have these little holly-like berries as well as tomatoes (! they won't ripen but they're still growing) and flowers.


Richard said...

Huh. cool. I can comment with my gmail account!

anyhow, of the self portraits, i like the 8th from the top (5th from the bottom) to drop in the portfolio.

I like the 2/3rds from the left composition style and the fact that the top of your head isn't cropped off. You also look deviously confident, like you secretly know something that the observer doesn't.

The only thing i don't really like about it is, the branch in the background totally looks like it's poking you in the head... but that's really nothing that a rubberstamp tool can't fix :)

I guess i should also throw the obligatory "you should actually smile in some of the pictures!" but I also have a hard time smiling for the camera... and Rosa gets all irritated by it. She does catch glimpses of enamel sometimes though.

Jessamyn Harris said...

thanks, Richard! I like that one too (as much as I can like a photo of myself)... and you caught me, I was using that little branch for focus position! ha ha. I will definitely clone it out (how 21st century).

As for smiling... when I do, my eyes tend to squinch up and disappear. and I feel goofy. Being a photographer is a mixed bag when it comes to taking my own photo... I'm my own worst subject!

mmnnpprr said...

1 or 5 or 6th from the top.
guess who likes which?

michelle f said...

tag, you're it.

Go Here.

JennLink said...

I love love love the 4th image from the top and the 8th!!


-Jenn(Destroy) Link