Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Off to NYC

Devon and I had a lovely work/ vacation stay at the Villagio in Yountville last weekend, and tomorrow we are up way early to go OAK-JFK, all the way to NYC to shoot Corinne and Geoff's wedding! We'll be gone until Christmas Eve, then will celebrate the holiday with our families, and I'll be back with lots more photos and stories after the 26th.

Meanwhile, since I don't want to just leave you with photos of us (though there are always more to follow as I photograph us on our travels), here are some shots of lovely Baker Beach, and the Golden Gate Bridge, from several months ago.

Happy Holidays, and have a lovely weekend! Wish us luck on our pre-holiday travel madness...


This little guy would NOT stop digging - he was totally obsessed:

This staircase with people jogging up and down is on my list for a stock shoot - anyone feeling athletic? Let me know if you'd like to model for me.

This was back in October when I went to SF to photograph Amber and Philip's honeymoon photos. It was an absolutely amazing sunny fall day, and I'm looking out at the clouds today... hoping spring comes early!


Kelly Segre said...

The dog is hilarious!!!

Beaton Photography said...

oh, those photos make me want to MOVE to SF! Beautiful Jessamyn!