Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

We spent a lovely Thanksgiving with my husband's family in Santa Cruz. His parents both live down there, separately, and his sister, my good friend Alyssa, and her boyfriend recently moved to Orange County... so it's tough to get everyone together often, and they (we) are a close family. So it was great to be together!

I love my mother in law - I am truly lucky. She puts a magic touch in every detail - look at the beautiful Thanksgiving dinner table, and the beautiful gift box (it was Brian's birthday):

She also just got a new kitty, little Izzy - who is teeny tiny, shy, and so cute!

Brian never had pets growing up so it was rad to see them bond:

I love this photo! The way she's bending over just cracks me up.

We realized that Toni (Dev's mom) doesn't have any photos of Brian and Alyssa so I remedied that right quick with this fun, impromptu photo sesh:

I love the way Brian's peering over his glasses - very cute!

And I didn't want to be left out of the photos with my beautiful sister in law!

(Yes, we're looking "tuff" on purpose.)

Here's Devon with his sister and dad:

And Devon's mom with the rest of us!:


You may ask, "where is the photo of Jessamyn and Devon?". I asked that too, but Devon was helping cook while I just lazed around, so he had no more time to pose with me! Thanks honey!

One more shots of the birthday boy's awesome kicks (he had at least 4 pairs in the trunk of the car, and I think I saw him wear at least 3 of them in less than 24 hours!):

What an amazing family to be a part of.

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