Thursday, March 27, 2008

Featured on Style Me Pretty!

I just logged on to check my (many, and all inspiring) blog subscriptions, when lo and behold I saw my own name pop up on Style Me Pretty! I knew that Abby was going to feature Alex and Rich's fabulous wedding soon, but not so quickly, and with such high praise... To see that she starts out the post "One of my favorite photographers, Jessamyn Harris..." made me blush and smile and giddy. Yay!

For the SMP readers out there, I'm doing some research into where the infamous, gorgeous blue shoes came from, and I'm going to go through the files for some of the vintage car table setting pieces, so be sure to check back. Also, please note that Alicia of AK Designs did the planning, florals and design, and that the wedding was held at the beautiful Villagio, which I highly recommend. It's in downtown Yountville, so close enough for guests who've gotten their party on to stumble to a luxurious suite OR a funky room made from a train car, and to make a fab Napa weekend of it.

In the time it took me to write that, SMP posted another set of images from their wedding!

I'm so excited about this... first I am chosen to be featured in their exclusive Napa Valley Little Black Book, and now this. I work with so many cool couples who have unique weddings, so it's always really exciting to see what they come up with. Thanks to StyleMePretty for a chance to share that!

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