Monday, March 03, 2008

Gerry, Laurel and Lee's Portrait Session, Santa Rosa, California

Gerry was one of the first 5 to snag a portrait shoot. He works at the Last Record Store, which is both our local independent music store, and right across the street. Oh, and it's the kind of place where "everybody knows your name", and we enjoy stopping by to chat with our friends who work there (and, in Devon's case, peruse the $1 record bin! Naughty boy).

Anyway, Gerry and Laurel had recently gotten married after many years together, and along with Gerry's 5 year old son, Lee, they make a cute little family together... so I was excited to get to know them a bit better during our shoot! Gerry I knew the best, but since we did the shoot at Laurel's studio (in the crazy Santa Rosa barracks, where Devon's band used to practice in the partly-underground nuclear bunker), I got to see her ceramics work, and was totally blown away! I fully plan to write a blog post on Laurel and her beautiful, unique pottery and ceramics, but for now, check out her etsy store!

I mean, just look at this mini cake plate for sale:

(or, rather, don't, cause then I can't buy it!)

It was also great getting to know Lee. This kid is amazing! Very smart, well behaved, and the kind of kid who just cracks himself (and even the adults) up constantly. I confirmed with Devon that Lee is probably a lot like Dev was when he was 5... a sweet and silly little guy. Gerry took Lee to buy him a nice shirt, and Lee not only helped pick out the shirt, but insisted on getting a little tie as well! So cute.
He was COLD but so cooperative anyway. He has a big BIG smile and it was challenging catching him off guard... again, a lot like Devon!

I've had really great luck with the weather while doing these portrait sessions (especially considering it's been February!), but, sadly, the day that we met for this shoot was freezing, rainy and overcast. They were great sports, though, posing first in the studio, then outside in the almost-abandoned barracks grounds, and back in the hallway. Even though it was SO cold, I got some shots I absolutely love outside with the umbrellas:

And of course the one at the top of this post. There is something so fun about the colors, the composition, and the metaphor of their family snuggled together under their little cheery umbrellas. I think this one can definitely go on the wall!

I like to think of this one as their family "band" portrait... Lee claims he wants to be a businessman rather than a musician like his dad (hence the tie, I guess), but you never know!

How many kids do you know that will cooperatively pose while their parents kiss? I like that after this quick series of me posing them for a smooch:

Lee turned around like "watcha doing?"

Thanks again for doing this, you guys! I can't wait to talk to Laurel about trading some photography for ceramics... See you at the record store!

Check out the slideshow!


Laura Kay Photography said...

those are so fun! i love the umbrella ones...awesome!


JennLink Photography said...

I am in love with everything about the outdoor shots. Total perfection Jessamyn!

Tiffany Fosnight said...

way to use the bad weather to your advantage! Love the wide shots with the umbrella!

Rosa Lee said...

Jessamyn! The umbrella pictures are the cutest things ever! You frame everything so awesomely.