Friday, May 02, 2008

"Disappearing Destinations"

I'm so excited to have in my hands the hot-off-the-presses book, "Disappearing Destinations: 37 Places in Peril and What Can Be Done To Help Save Them", by Kimberly Lisagor and Heather Hansen! My work is featured in the "Napa Valley" chapter (though the photos are actually of Sonoma, hey, they're right next door). The images were actually photographed at Gloria Ferrer; oddly enough, I am shooting Jean and Romie's wedding there tomorrow evening!

Kimberly was the lovely (and very pregnant) officiant/ friend at Alex and Rich's wedding. They have the coolest media friends!

The book looks very interesting, and now that I've scanned in the images, I'm going to dive in and learn about these gorgeous destinations. We're already seeing some interesting climate stuff happening here in Wine Country (Mendocino County is almost out of water after spraying their vines down to keep them from frosting over in the unusually late cold of the past month), but I like resources that give you hope... the whole "...and What Can Be Done To Help Save Them" makes me feel good :)

Check it out! The book's published by Vintage and has its own website,, where you can buy it.

(I'm mentioned in the acknowledgments, how exciting!)

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