Thursday, October 09, 2008

Finalist! - Pacific Weddings Magazine's "Love Notes" Contest

I just got an email (about 10 seconds ago) letting me know that one of my images is a finalist in Pacific Weddings magazine's 10 Year Anniversary Photo Contest! The theme is "nostalgia", and the winning image will be chosen based on reader feedback,and will be printed in the 10 year anniversary issue, so please visit the blog to cast your vote!

I love this shot of Corinne on her wedding day last December, and it seems to be a big "fan favorite" for people who check out my work, so I'm thrilled it made the cut, and that stood out to the editors at Pacific Weddings. The editors named it "Isn't She Lovely", and I'd have to say, no question about it :)

For more information on the contest, click here. There are some amazing photographers among the finalists, so I'm really honored just to have my work chosen to appear alongside theirs! It would be awesome to see it printed in the special 10 year anniversary issue of the magazine, so pretty please do visit the blog andcast your vote!

(And, while we're on the subject of voting... don't forget to vote in a much more important upcoming election! Californians, please vote for love and No on Proposition 8!)

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jennifer said...

cool, that's very exciting! love the image of the bride!