Friday, October 24, 2008

Laurel's Ceramics and Studio

Much as I hate to bump down the photos of Joelle and Chris's beautiful wedding, I wanted to leave you with a few photos of my friend Laurel's beautiful ceramic work. I had the pleasure of shooting portraits of Laurel with her husband Gerry and his son Lee back in February (brrr, that was a chilly day!), and I couldn't resist a few detail shots of her studio. More recently, she's moved to a better studio out in Sebastopol, and traded me some of her gorgeous pieces for a few simple photos featuring her work as she prepared for Artrails (which just happened, and which I sadly had to miss). Laurel has an Etsy shop with some of her pieces for sale (at great prices!), so go take a look!!

First, some miscellaneous images from the old studio (which was in a funky old army barracks, which Devon used to play music in):

Love these cute little wedding cake salt and pepper shakers:

I got a vase with this same birdie screenprint:

And two of these wood grain cup and saucer sets - so realistic and delicate, I adore them!

This tippy teapot is designed to sit back like this. I had fun seeing how its center of gravity kept coming back to rest in this position... I like dishes that are also playful and kind of toys.

I got some really awesome things from the trade, which I'm sure you will see featured in some of my photo shoots in the future. Happy weekend as I leave you with a little favorite from the portrait session in February!

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