Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Please Vote No On Proposition 8!

I do get very passionate about politics, but try to keep that mostly out of my work (I am a firey redhead after all!). However, I feel too strongly about voting NO on Proposition 8 not to mention it here. I think everyone can see from the beautiful lesbian and gay weddings I've had the wonderful honor of photographing recently, that same sex couples will fall in love, make commitments, and create families regardless of what the government thinks or says. Even if I didn't know so many caring, beautiful couples who would be affected by this awful legislation, it sickens me to think that the government could be given the right to interfere into anyone's personal life so deeply. It was not so many decades ago that couples of "mixed race" were denied the right to marry, and as a society we are shocked by that. It makes absolutely no sense to me that two loving human beings could be denied their rights as Americans, and as people, to make a commitment to each other and have it legally recognized as marriage.

Anyway, if we could just get the word out to more people, Proposition 8 wouldn't have a chance. Unfortunately, money talks, and we are up against a lot of it in trying to defeat this proposition. So, once again this morning I have donated money to Equality California in order to help spread the word for love, peace and positivity,and I urge you to do the same. I know we are all feeling worried about the economy, but this is so important.

I have always wanted to photograph same sex weddings, and cried with joy when that dream became a reality this year. But really quickly the specialness of it wore off - not because I didn't love and adore these events (I did and I do!), but because I love and adore all of the weddings I get to see, and photographing gay and lesbian couples getting married is no different from photographing straight couples. The beauty of a connection between two people is the same regardless of gender, orientation, race, background, age, or anything else. It is just an amazing gift; who are we to try to deny that to anyone?!

And even more importantly, if you are a Californian, PLEASE vote no on Proposition 8. Vote love, not hate!

Thank you for listening! Back to work - I have LOTS more great weddings to share in the coming weeks.


Brandi said...

DAMN SKIPPY!! Good luck California.. I hope NO wins!!

Richard Lee said...

I should blog a shout out for NO ok 8 too... We seem to share the same convictions on this topic :)

michelle f said...

beautifully said.

Miguel Mayo said...

keep working hard, excellent images!!

David Wittig Photography said...

Yes! Please vote no on 8. Set an example for the rest of the country.