Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Jessie and baby Lennon, Petaluma

I love visiting with Jessie and her little Lennon Belle - that little girl is just one of the cutest things I've ever seen! They're so photogenic that I decided we needed to hang out expressly for a stock/ portrait photo session. It also gave me an excuse to visit with them and get lots of little hugs from Lennon.

Look at this sweet little face!

Lennon had just started walking three days before our shoot... and she was already unstoppable, cruising around like a tiny drunk with sealegs. She was very proud, and very very cute.

Jessie and Lennon have a wonderful relationship. Jessie's such a great mom!

We did this shoot at my parents' house, celebrating the last of the beautiful summer flowers. Those sunflowers go a little nuts, getting bigger every year.

Somebody likes to laugh!

Pretty Jessie by herself:

I think they were taking in a birdie or something:

Oh, baby! She likes me : )

Giving Jessie a good arm workout:

I'm telling you, this girl has got to MOVE!

Thanks to both beautiful girls for being such great models (and bringing me homemade ice cream sandwiches... mm!). Hope to see you soon for more teeny baby hugs.


baffle said...

Your unbelievably beautiful photos (be they portrait, landscape or still life) are always magical - and often make my heart ache and bring tears to my eyes.
In a good way. Seriously.

So - can you believe how moved I am by these photos of two of my favorite-est people?!?

You've absolutely captured the personalities of this dollinkmommy and her dollinkbabygirl.

Thank you for sharing your extreme talent with the world, dear Jessamyn!

Anonymous said...

So, why am I tearing up?
The photos are beautiful. You do capture so much in your portraits.