Friday, December 12, 2008

a couple of random Polaroid 4x5 shots

A lot of my clients know that I have a vintage, 1920's 4x5" view camera. This camera is basically a wooden box with a bellows, lens, and ground glass. I could get all into the geeky details of how this type of camera works - but instead I'll just link to info here, in case anyone wants to read about it. Basically, this type of camera works with no mirror, and exposes a negative that measures 4 by 5 inches, which results in much more detail (compared to a 35mm sized negative).

Anyway, I love using a now-discontinued type of Polaroid film, Type 55, to create vintage looking portraits for my clients, and several of my 2008 clients requested this service, so I got some good shots in this year. I also took a few practice samples of myself, Devon, his sister Alyssa, and my friend Liz (all 3 of whom have assisted me this year - thanks, guys!) a couple of months ago, and wanted to share the results here.

As you can see, the camera is highly temperamental, unpredictable, light-leaky, and really fun. I'll continue to offer these portraits (either as an add on to a portrait or wedding package, or as a stand alone thing) to clients for as long as I have film. I think I have about 25 or 30 sheets left, so get it while it lasts!

After the Polaroid runs out, I can always shoot regular black and white negative film as another cool (but less instant) option as well.

This final shot, of me and Devon, is a little goofy, but I wanted to share it here because we are celebrating our 3rd anniversary on Monday! I can't believe how quickly the last three years have gone (and the 10 that we've been together, AND the 14 that we've known each other!), and I look forward to a lovely weekend of celebration as well as working on the house. Watch the blog for more portraits and updated photos of our home coming soon!

Happy weekend!

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