Friday, December 19, 2008

Thanksgiving at our new house

I figured that since we are creeping up on Christmas here, I should probably share some of the photos I took on Thanksgiving! Despite my best intentions, we did not do a family photo at all - I think because I was distracted, then full and lazy :)

Many thanks to my wonderful mother in law (and friend), Toni, for doing most of the cooking and decorating! It was actually great to have Thanksgiving here in the new house just 3 weeks (!!) after moving in, because it forced us to bust our butts a little getting things somewhat tidy and organized. Now, there is still a lot left to do, but we are in hibernation mode, so we'll get to it when we can...

Here's Toni prepping the bird - I don't think she appreciated me taking these photos!

Devon got some houseplants recently and particularly loves tending these two, on the microwave under the skylight in the kitchen. Sometimes I hear him just hovering in the kitchen and ask what he's doing, and he answers, "just looking at my fern."

These Halloween decorations are still floating around here somewhere... and we have no Christmas decorations up, because you know where the holiday stuff box is? No, neither do I.

I have always loved this ghost light, though, which my grandmother gave us in 1979, so I was thrilled when my mom brought it to us on one of our first nights owning the house (just before Halloween)!

My mom also made the little "Happy Turkey Day" card on the table, and Toni brought pumpkins and tablecloths to make things really homey.

Delicious meal!

Brian and Alyssa are very cute together:

No one really had room for dessert, but I took care of those pies over the next few days (duh):

Little Gracie (the cat) had been sick, and was still not feeling up to snuff, so she chilled out on the couch by my mom's knitting, but not attacking it. I love this photo because it looks like my mom's knitting Gracie!

It was a lovely, mellow holiday, just like we wanted!

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