Tuesday, December 16, 2008

more home improvement shots

More painting and settling in fun!

Before all of our stuff made it inside:

Office on the left, bedroom on the right. I love our colors!

Gracie watching us through the bathroom window. I don't love the color of the outside of our house, but nothing else seems to fit yet, and heaven knows we don't want to take that project on for awhile - so salmon/ pumpkin it is!

And one more of the cat, poking out from behind the curtains in my office. You can see some of the art I've put up in this shot, and I love how Gracie's next to one of my favorite photos of me and Tess, taken by Sara Sanger. Tess was an extremely lovable, docile cat, but in this picture we look like we're going to attack each other. Fun!

As always, much more coming soon!!


Karen (Mikols) Bonar said...

I should be SO painting rooms around here .... but I tell myself the cold halts paint from drying. ;-)

Tiffany Fosnight said...

I love your paint colors!