Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2009!!

I thought that this shot of champagne from Maya and Danny's wedding was an appropriate way to kick off one year as we say good-bye to the last.

I know that 2008 has been a tough year for so many people, so although it's been my best year yet in terms of business, home, friendships, and blessings, my thoughts are with those who have lost their jobs or homes as 2009 begins. I am optimistic and hopeful that our country, communities, and lives with change and flourish in the coming new year, and wish you all happiness, health, love and comfort!

Thank you to everyone who has helped make 2008 great for me.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Liz and Gabe portraits, Santa Rosa

My friend, Liz, is a talented photographer (and great assistant - you might have seen her with me at a wedding or portrait shoot), so I was stoked when she asked if I would shoot their holiday photos this year. Not only have I wanted to do some cute photos of Liz and her husband, Gabe, for awhile, but this meant I could also ask her to photograph me and Devon in our new house! I'll share those soon (because I seriously adore how they look, and I don't exactly love being in front of the camera), but for now I am thrilled to share with you the photos of these cutie pies.

Gabe is an amazing writer and musician, and the dude just knows all kinds of random facts (especially about Santa Rosa) and has tons of cool ideas. So the shoot was a combination of his art direction, my reeling him in at certain times (mostly trying to get him to slow down a bit with all the great ideas), and Liz's cuteness. And I think we got some great stuff...

I can't tell you exactly where we went for the shoot - since it was technically trespassing - but it was a lot of fun to photograph.

Gabe's main concept was playing cards in the kind of hobo-graffiti kid area we shot in, but being me, I also had to push for lots of regular portrait shots, with plain old cuteness and affection.

He (or was it Liz?) also had this rad idea of throwing all of the cards in the air, and I love how it turned out!

I think this should be the album cover for Gabe's first jazz album...

Pardon the offensive graffiti, but I love this shot:

So much cuteness! Thanks again, you guys, I really had fun.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays! I'm taking the week (mostly) off

I've decided to take a mini vacation this week, so I will be checking email on occasion, but might be slower to get back to non-urgent communications. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas week, and I look forward to coming back early next week with more photos!


PS - if you are looking for a little humorous distraction, check out Sarah Haskin's "Target Women" media commentaries... funny, silly, female.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thanksgiving at our new house

I figured that since we are creeping up on Christmas here, I should probably share some of the photos I took on Thanksgiving! Despite my best intentions, we did not do a family photo at all - I think because I was distracted, then full and lazy :)

Many thanks to my wonderful mother in law (and friend), Toni, for doing most of the cooking and decorating! It was actually great to have Thanksgiving here in the new house just 3 weeks (!!) after moving in, because it forced us to bust our butts a little getting things somewhat tidy and organized. Now, there is still a lot left to do, but we are in hibernation mode, so we'll get to it when we can...

Here's Toni prepping the bird - I don't think she appreciated me taking these photos!

Devon got some houseplants recently and particularly loves tending these two, on the microwave under the skylight in the kitchen. Sometimes I hear him just hovering in the kitchen and ask what he's doing, and he answers, "just looking at my fern."

These Halloween decorations are still floating around here somewhere... and we have no Christmas decorations up, because you know where the holiday stuff box is? No, neither do I.

I have always loved this ghost light, though, which my grandmother gave us in 1979, so I was thrilled when my mom brought it to us on one of our first nights owning the house (just before Halloween)!

My mom also made the little "Happy Turkey Day" card on the table, and Toni brought pumpkins and tablecloths to make things really homey.

Delicious meal!

Brian and Alyssa are very cute together:

No one really had room for dessert, but I took care of those pies over the next few days (duh):

Little Gracie (the cat) had been sick, and was still not feeling up to snuff, so she chilled out on the couch by my mom's knitting, but not attacking it. I love this photo because it looks like my mom's knitting Gracie!

It was a lovely, mellow holiday, just like we wanted!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

more client Testimonials

I say this a lot, but it is no joke or exaggeration - I love my clients, and feel so so lucky to work with the people who choose me to shoot their weddings. So it makes me grin all the way down to my toes to read their sweet comments!

From Michelle and Jamie:

"Jessamyn did a wonderful job shooting our wedding, and the pictures are there to prove it! Many guests commented to us that she was great, unobtrusive, but thorough! We would definitely use Jessamyn again."

From Richard and Jaime:

"Jessamyn is a consummate professional with the added advantage of a warm, accommodating personality. We are extremely pleased with our wedding day with her and the resulting photographs. friends and family all commented on what beautiful shots she took. We highly recommend Jessamyn for your special day."

From David and Alexis:

"Jessamyn is great! She takes wonderful, original pictures, but she is also non-intrustive about how she takes them and she makes you feel so at ease. "

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

more home improvement shots

More painting and settling in fun!

Before all of our stuff made it inside:

Office on the left, bedroom on the right. I love our colors!

Gracie watching us through the bathroom window. I don't love the color of the outside of our house, but nothing else seems to fit yet, and heaven knows we don't want to take that project on for awhile - so salmon/ pumpkin it is!

And one more of the cat, poking out from behind the curtains in my office. You can see some of the art I've put up in this shot, and I love how Gracie's next to one of my favorite photos of me and Tess, taken by Sara Sanger. Tess was an extremely lovable, docile cat, but in this picture we look like we're going to attack each other. Fun!

As always, much more coming soon!!