Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alicia, Aaron and Chloe, San Francisco

Alicia Falango of Alicia K Designs is one of my favorite planners to work with! She has a wonderful sense of style and is really in tune with what her clients are looking for. She's referred me to some fabulous couples, and we always hit it off really well. She was the mastermind behind Alex and Rich's famous wedding, and was not daunted when they kept throwing things like "roller skates" "bounce house" and "dogs in tuxedos" her way! So when I found out she recently had a baby, I wanted to do some family portraits! With our crazy schedules, it took a little while to get it happening, but I'm so glad it did.

Meet Aaron and baby Chloe. Aaron is a great dad, and loves his baby so much that I wonder if Alicia ever gets to hold her! :)

We wandered around behind the SF Ferry Building, along the Embarcadero a bit, and into the Financial District. It was so nice to get to know the whole family, and to see baby Chloe with all of her different little expressions.

Now that the family lives in the East Bay - as opposed to SF, where Alicia grew up - we wanted to get some shots of them with their "new" bridge:

Chloe was, I think, about 3 months old during this shoot. We originally wanted to get some shots at the beach, but San Francisco in April is not the warmest for grown ups, nevermind a sleep baby, so we stuck with more urban locations, and still shot for like 2 hours! I love the way this image shows the closeness of the family (as they make sure that the baby doesn't get a chill from the wind):

We shot these along the walkway across from the Ferry Building. What is that boxy sculpture/ fountain thingy (to the left) called again? Is that Washington Square park? I remember being little and watching skater dudes in that area, long before they fancied up the Embarcadero. I wish I could remember how SF looked in the early 80s a little better...

I love this late afternoon downtown light!

We found a wind-free nook to change diapers and take some photos of the sweet little baby girl.

We were looking for a good "Clay Street" sign, since Alicia grew up on Clay. There was one laughably high, about 15 feet up! Then we found this great sign post, only a few feet over our heads above some newspaper boxes. Suddenly Alicia and Aaron were handing the baby off and hopping up on top of the boxes for the shot! This not only illustrates how up for anything they were on the shoot, but Alicia's willingness to play and experiment in her design and planning, too. Some ladies walking down the street watched for a minute, and I was afraid they'd tell us to get down, but they thought it was cool too!

What a sweet family and a lovely day! Thanks again for everything. Can't wait till Chloe's big enough for our beach shoot!

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