Monday, May 11, 2009

Meredith and Scott, Penngrove, California

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It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while I end up going to a wedding... as a guest! And, although I love my job, it's wonderful to be a guest. Mostly cause I get to wear a dress, and eat food without hopping up every 2 minutes to photograph something.

Meredith and Scott's wedding was one of the loveliest we could've been invited to for so many reasons - a May garden party in the country, filled with friends and flowers, all to celebrate the wonderful family Meredith and Scott have created by getting married. They are both so artistic and sweet. Meredith is the artist behind my soon-to-be-revealed encaustic pieces, and Scott - well, when our heater seemed to die on Christmas Eve, Scott came over in the midst of his busy day to fix it, and wouldn't let us pay him. In fact, as I recall, we gave him some Christmas cookies and he gave us some in return! We still owe you guys a big favor for that!

Anyway, the garden location was ready for a party, the bride and groom were ready to get married, and all of their friends were ready to celebrate springtime and love in cute summer dresses. But the weather didn't want to cooperate. Where was all of this rain when we needed it this winter?! No one likes to face rain on their outdoor wedding, but after just a tiny bit of panicking, Scott and Meredith (along with family and friends) just furnished the garden with lots of rain proof areas and umbrellas, and spread the word that galoshes would be very in at this wedding. I insisted on wearing a sundress, and just added a wool hooded coat, sweater, scarf, thick tights, mud boots, and umbrella. The wedding proceeded beautifully and the occasional drizzle just added to the overall romance of the wonderful day!

So, anyway, I did happen to take some photos (definitely less than I normally would), and had fun focusing on the details and my friends. I adored all of the blooms and color everywhere, even on such a greyish day.

Here's a photo not of the bride and groom, but of the best man, Ben, and his lovely lady Desiree. Ben cleaned up quite a bit for this wedding - hard to describe how much if you don't know him personally - and rented a tux with pink details just to show Scott how much he cares. I think Scott was worried Ben would show up shaggy and dirty and punk rock (why he would think that, who knows), so Ben took the challenge to the extreme. I told him he looked like a mean jock from a 1980s movie - remember when preppy men could wear pink and still beat you up? - but I should've also said, he looked very nice.

Meredith was so beautiful - every detail, and that dress! I don't know if I have never seen a happier bride. So much smiling!

It's lovely to be able to remember that you stood with your friends and family under a beautiful old oak in the countryside for your wedding. And, best of all, Meredith's two teenage kids participated in the ceremony. I think that's when most of us teared up.

This shot is actually taken between Chris and Christine, part of Meredith's family, whose wedding I photographed years ago! It was nice to bump into them again.

Some of my besties were involved in the ceremony - Dani gave a little speech about how Scott and Meredith met, and Josh played acoustic guitar while Sara held an umbrella over him. He played a lovely little version of "Rock Me Like a Hurricane" for the recessional - awesome.

Lots of friends of every age:

The location, a private home, made me want to move to the country!

This is one of my favorite shots of Devon. He's thinking, and doesn't know I'm taking his photo through the tree. Love him!

I have pretty friends:

The bride's awesome shoes and bouquet:

Scott and Meredith had one of the best dinners ever - a portable, wood-fired pizza over on site! The pizza makers just kept cranking them out, and they were SO good and varied. First the many kids present swooped down and snagged most of the pizza. Then, when they were full, they kept bringing these little pizzas around for hours, and I ate way beyond what was probably wise. Yum! The pizza maker is at

Meredith made her awesome head piece:

After we were all stuffed with pizza and delicious hors d'oeuvres, there were many cakes, tortes, cookies... phew!

Scott getting ready for cake cutting business:

I love when kids just flock to the cake area and can barely restrain themselves.

Ben's best man toast was lovely:

I think here he's talking about family:

What a wonderful afternoon wedding!

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Meredith said...

We love the photos so much, you even made the plastic sheeting look pretty!