Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PDN Photo Annual 2009!

I'm so excited to have another stock shot make it into PDN (Photo District News Magazine)'s 2009 Photo Annual! This is the second year in a row, as a series of backyard bbq stock shots made the cut last year. This year, I entered a series of 6 shots of kids and babies, and one of my favorite shots of the last year made it. This is my friend Jude's daughter, Dixie, lying in the grass in her backyard. Simple but so pretty and (I think) poignant in capturing that moment of pre-adolescence. If I do say so myself!

Here are the other shots from the series. I love looking at them because so many of these kids and babies are friends of me, and each image here gives me a glimpse into how they see the world, and how they're exploring and interacting with everything around them as they learn about, well, everything, as they grow. Cuties!

You can see my PDN Photo Annual 2008 series here. I guess they like my stock series!

You can see the full winner's gallery here. There are hundreds of amazing photographers in the PDN Photo Annual, so it is really an honor to be a part of in any way. I've gotten some sweet notes from photographer friends before I even had time to post it here, so thanks everyone!

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