Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Devon's Homemade Christmas Tree

We don't usually get a tree, or just a baby, plantable one if we do (and we're rapidly running out of room for tree planting). So this year we weren't planning to do one at all, until Devon came up with this awesome, crafted tree from random pieces of stuff in our garage. I am so in love with it!

He used a tomato cage, some green fabric from the scrap bag, a piece of our former apple tree (RIP), origami star (also made by Devon), some free bamboo flooring we got from a friend, and Christmas lights. It is my favorite tree ever.

And maybe we'll even figure out where the actual box of Xmas ornaments is before Friday!

Update: I scored some family ornaments from my parents, and took a few more shots of the tree with more ornaments (and more presents!!)

Here's an ornament I made in preschool - finally I "inherit" it from my parents for our little family! In the photo, I'm wearing my classic "Girls Can Do Anything" awesome 1970s t shirt... oh, how I wish I still had that T for my girl!

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momnpear said...

Pretty hip mom to find cool t-shirts. And what all natural hippie hair, beautiful.
p.s. cutest little tree we ever saw!