Thursday, December 03, 2009

Alyssa and Brian's wedding, self portraits, Geyserville

Some of my favorite photos from Alyssa and Brian's wedding are from the self portrait booth we set up. Here's a long slideshow of some of my favorites:

Here are some highlights (Alyssa made the amazing backdrop inspired by some we'd seen on Our Labor Of Love's awesome blog, and Brian supplied the creepy skeleton masks):

I don't show quite so many shots of myself - but I also usually don't get hair, makeup, and flowers (much less a dres) at weddings either - and I probably won't get to look this good again for a long time!

Freaking Dev out with the belly a little:

These dudes kind of had their own party, just using the photo setup:

Some of my favorite cuties were at the wedding!

Me and baby Lena are awesome friends (and she'd better invite our baby to her slumber parties!):

Here's her dad trying to do something on his skateboard:


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