Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thanksgiving in Mendocino

Wow. I am working my way through the archive of personal photos I haven't had a chance to blog (or in some cases, edit!) yet from this year... and I'm shocked at how far back it goes! So I've spent this cold December morning looking through sunny photos of our garden as it grew, our kitten as he grew, and my belly as it grew. I can't wait to have more time to edit and share photos of luscious produce, lovely flowers, and wacky Franklin, but I have some more holiday and end of year wrap up stuff to do first. So we're working backwards, but for now I'm only as far back as Thanksgiving.

And what a wonderful Thanksgiving it was! Devon and I drove up to our favorite place in Mendocino yet again, this time to share the house with a bunch of family. It was just one of the loveliest holidays I've ever had, although it was over far too quickly. I love my family, and it was great to catch up with my aunt and uncle and cousins big and small. Hope to see everyone again soon!

More coming soon...

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