Monday, December 21, 2009

Jenna, Maya, and Diane, Old Adobe State Park and Green String Farms, Petaluma

More awesome cousin time/ portraits from Thanksgiving week!! This time, from my dad's side, my aunt Diane and her two adorable daughters, Jenna and Maya.

I like the shots of Jenna sort of in between poses:

Cute, cute girls (very sassy and smart too):

One of my favorite moments was when I asked the girls to lean in forehead to forehead like this - and then Maya said, "I don't want to look romantic with Jenna!". Little sisters are awesome!

Pretty ladies:

Maya busted out this casual pose all on her own - the girl knows what works!

She also helped Jenna strike a few poses:

Maya seemed a little nervous about the cacti - we promised her they wouldn't jump out and get her but she wanted to stay far away from the needles:

Jenna got obsessed with collecting buckeyes:

Then we drove to Green String Farms. Diane is heavily involved in organic, local, sustainable farms and nutrition back in Georgia, so I knew they would love it here (plus - goats! chickens!). They bought my baby a Green String onesie, so cute!

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