Friday, December 04, 2009

Jennifer and Ramsey, private estate, Nicasio, California

Way back in August, I had the pleasure of second shooting for my friend Paige Green. It was a perfect way for me to do some extra shooting while getting the swing of first trimester pregnancy things like nausea and fatigue. I promised not to throw up on anyone, and Paige was great about letting me shoot pretty much whatever I wanted!

These are more photos than I usually put in one post, but the shining August sun and bumbling bees, not to mention the pure joy on Jennifer and Ramsey's faces, is making me feel quite cozy on this wintry December day. So, enjoy!

Buzzy bees gorging themselves on wildflower bushes = summer.

Lizards in the dry grasses of the Bay Area hills = summer.

These cuties were playing a Star Wars game, just miles from Skywalker Ranch, at this beautiful private estate in Nicasio (which, by the way, is available for rent through the wonderful Green Girl Events).

Jen and Ramsey are some of the sweetest people I've ever seen, and they were overjoyed to be together. I feel lucky to have met them even for a few hours!

Paige did the portraits, while I took candids and details. There was just astonishingly pretty light everywhere.

Beautifully bright florals, lovely table settings, and flowing linens - it's all very summery, isn't it? (I admit, I'm not a big fan of winter)

I had kids on the mind at this wedding, since I was about 10 weeks pregnant! Plus there were tons of cuties. This little guy was just the most natural pose-striker, here with his dad:

Confession: I had been craving fresh, super rich hummus and pickled vegetables more than anything. So, after weeks of mostly living on saltines, ginger candies and mineral water, I almost swooned when I saw the amazing mediterranean snacks on the tables. I later absconded with some flatbread, hummus, and pickled carrots off to the side, and was in absolute heaven!

I could not, however, try the delicious-looking cocktails or fresh oysters being shucked for the guests - but they sure looked pretty!

And the tomatoes... ah, summer, I miss you!

See how happy?

Paige got to play with a lot of film cameras, fun!

I can't remember the song, but Jennifer serenaded Ramsey with a tune she once sang him at karaoke before they cut their cake... something slightly cheesy from the 80s... that narrows it down!

I love seeing mixing traditions at weddings - I think this one had Greek and Colombian? Mixed with Northern California, that equals a lot of tasty food.

Beautiful day!

The awesome planners behind the event were Molli and Denise ofGreen Girl Events, who specialize in green events and the West Marin county area. I hope our paths cross again, they were so sweet, organized and accommodating.

You can see Paige's take on the day on her blog here. She's not kidding, those tomatoes were some of the most beautiful things either of us saw all summer!

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paige said...

Yay, for teamwork. Thanks again for working with me and I look forward to doing it again, once that baby of yours is out in the world.