Friday, January 08, 2010

Sarah and Rick part 1, private estate, Glen Ellen

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Sarah and Rick's wedding! At long last : )

I love this wedding... I love this couple and their badass musician/ writer/ performer selves... I love my friends, summer, and the most amazing private venue in Glen Ellen!

Sarah and I have been good friends since meeting in college in the fall of 1996... she is the bomb. I could go on, but I just wanna get to the pictures!

I recognized most of these dudes from college, too : )

Rick's secret note to Sarah during the ceremony:

The amazing florals were done by Rhonda Stoffel of Grace Street Catering and Design - I LOVE shooting a wedding that Rhonda has designed!

Awesome ring bearer's pillow:

This girl was glowing all weekend long - Sarah certainly wears her joy all over her face, it's beautiful!

And these ladies - oh! The hotness!

For their ceremony, they had a gorgeous chuppah, multicolored lanterns, and the heavenly dappled light of late August coming through the oaks. Here's what Sarah says about the chuppah:

"The Chuppah was created by our friends Judy and Don, who made it out of cloth that their good friend Hoops brought back from India. Because my mother is Buddhist (she met my dad at a meditation seminar!) it was important for me that some part of the wedding reflect that. Judy and Don, who are also Tibetan Buddhists, bought a Tibetan temple hanging and attached it to the chuppah. Afterwards they hung it in their meditation room, where it's bringing them good vibes after being blessed by our wedding!"

"One of the most important parts of the day to us was the ceremony, which we wrote entirely ourselves. We're both writers, so we knew we had to rock our vows. I have to say, Rick's vows had the whole place in tears. Our friend Garth Silberstein acted as our officiant for the interfaith ceremony — and 12 hours later moved to Jerusalem to attend yeshiva!"

Fun, fun portraits!

Thank you Sarah K. for the best ever glasses, and for letting me photograph you wearing them!

Lest we get too serious:

See? Heaven.

More coming next week! xoxo to Sarah and Rick

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