Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wintry SMP Inspiration to Reality shoot morning

I'll be posting many more images from the Style Me Pretty shoot we did later in the week. I'm so happy they were able to share lots and lots of my favorite photos, but I have a bunch more that I can't wait to post!

But... first off, I wanted to show how my day started on that cold, late December morning. I am not an early bird but wanted to get as much daylight as possible - not easy when the days are at their shortest! We only had about 8am to 4pm to shoot. So here I am arriving at the ranch estate before 8am. I couldn't resist a few shots of the amazingly foggy morning!

Wow... I would've loved to get started shooting in the mists but they cleared up quickly. Which is probably good, since even during the "warmest" part of the day, right after I helped Giselle back into her wintertime street clothes, I saw that it was only about 48 degrees out. YIKES!

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