Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sarah and Rick part 2, private estate, Glen Ellen

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More photos from Sarah and Rick's beautiful wedding day:

Sometimes I have to give couples a little encouragement and space so that they allow themselves the freedom to relax into their newlywed love for photos - Sarah and Rick, however, just jumped right into being the cutest duo ever, sort of posing but mostly just grooving on being married. I shot for 15 or 20 minutes with barely any direction at all!

One of my favorites of the year:

The setting was amazing, and it was such a treat for me to be able to show my friends from all over the country some of the highlights of living in Sonoma County: beautiful light and sunshine, lizards laying on rocks, oak and olive trees, golden hillsides, fragrant lavender:

Not every bride kicks off the cocktail hour by jumping in to join the band on fiddle! That's my girl :)

The table settings were gorgeous. Family style, colorful, and right at sunset.

Dinner was delicious, and I got to sit with Devon and cuddle (alternately jumping up to take photos) while many, many guests toasted the couple for probably over an hour! The celebrations went on and on...

And, amazingly, no one fell in the pool.

Sarah, thanks so much for having me be your photographer! I have memories of you playing me beautiful jazz pieces on the violin, as well as you rapping straight through "the Humpty Dance" without stopping. It was wonderful to be there as you wed "the Raven King" (sorry, Ricker) on your wedding day! Sorry I didn't stay late enough to skinnydip, as promised ;)

Here's what my homegirl says:

"Jessamyn, you truly made us look like rock stars on our wedding day. All the years of our friendship, I've been inspired by your sensitivity, your warmth, your keen observational sense and your sense of fun. It's just so amazing to actually SEE those qualities, in action, in MY wedding pictures! I never could have been so comfortable around anybody else, and I know you made the day look even more beautiful than it was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Anyone who hires another photographer is insane."

AND I definitely want to give a big, big shout out to the awesome vendors from the day! The location was a private estate belonging to friends of Sarah and her family, that they have been visiting for her whole life, and it seriously was one of the biggest scores for a wedding venue I've ever seen. So that is off limits for the general public, unfortunately, but here are vendors you can hire:

(From Sarah)
"Bands: Brass Menazeri Balkan Brass Band (Balkan brass band music has been really important in our lives, in fact we have gone twice to the Golden Brass Festival in Serbia, so we knew that we had to have a balkan brass band at our wedding! It was the first thing we decided on.)

The Haupert Boys (my cousins' bluegrass band)
my father's band, Django Marx. As you know my dad passed away when I was seventeen, and one of my keenest regrets is that he couldn't walk me down the aisle. So instead my dad's band played the processional. It was really special since they basically hadn't played together since my dad passed away. They even had my father's guitar on a stand, symbolizing him, with them while they played.

Florist: Rhonda Stoffel (fabulous fabulous flowers!)

Cupcakes: Love at First Bite Bakery

Our friends Neal and Jessica catered the whole event with wonderful local organic food, from local artisinal cheeses to heirloom tomatoes to pesto crusted chicken.

Of course we planned the whole shebang ourselves. And as you're noting, the music, the invitations, the dress, the chuppah, the food, and the location were all provided by friends!"

Can we make this an annual event? Where's my invite to that Leo party!

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