Monday, March 12, 2007

A few more old shots

I took these two at my fellow photographer Jude Mooney's house. Oddly enough, she lives right across the street from the house I lived in until I was almost 6! I daydream about buying it even though it's teeny tiny and surely totally different. I have the clearest memories of sitting on the tiny lawn, playing with the freshly cut grass, picking at the thick red paint of our front steps and walkway. I don't remember much about the inside other than the playroom. Also the time that my baby brother was lying in his crib one minute and then had somehow vaulted up and over onto the ground! He was about 2 when we moved because three kids in one SMALL was a little much, even with bunkbeds.

My favorite part of that house was the backyard - my dad built a killer treehouse with more thick (green) paint. The backyard fence was covered in ivy, which he hated. Did we move because of the ivy? My dad also had painted his work truck turquoise blue in our driveway, so I would often find bright blue rocks and think that they were special gemstones or something. Hey, I was little.

Anyway. It is so bittersweet to go back there. The house might even go up for sale soon! The street is so tiny compared to how big it seemed when I was young.

These photos were taken in Jude's house, and I guess it must've been right before/ after Halloween last year, because she had these awesome decorations us!

Side note: does anyone know how to configure my blog template so I can put in what I'm listening to, and what I've been reading/ watching? Cause I like dorky stuff like that, but can't figure how to incorporate that into blogger... Hm...

Well, here it is:
Listening to: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, "The Abbatoir Blues"
Watching: Zodiac (last night)
Reading: The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

This ended up being quite a goth blog post. Especially for such a sunshiney day!

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