Thursday, March 08, 2007


At the Bay Area Wedding Network event I attended in December, I met a lot of great vendors, and got a lot of business cards, but my absolute favorite was from Sabrina Moyle at Hello!Lucky Custom Letterpress. We just chatted briefly while in the drinks line but she was very friendly and her card was adorable!

Well, I recently got an invitation for another BAWN event (which, unfortunately, I can't make it to) and it's a Hello!Lucky fancy invitation on the softest paper. The creamy, thick watercolor paper is letterpressed with a lovely lilac/ lavender color and the impact is just really awesome. I mean, I keep going to throw it away since I can't go, but then I have to stop and touch it again. It's like a little feast for my fingers - I want to rub it on my face (but I could see papercuts being a danger).

Anyway, if you're in need of invitations or anything, check out their website and give an email. She probably won't remember me but I really like their stuff, so I wanted to throw in a little plug anyway.

Back to editing photos. I suppose I'll get rid of this invite sooner or later, but it's almost softer than my sheets!

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