Monday, March 12, 2007

Kidspot Portrait Days

Back in November, my friend Michelle Feileacan and I set up 2 portrait days at our friend's playcenter, Kidspot Imagination Center, in Sebastopol, CA. Our approach was to have free portrait sittings for both scheduled and drop in clients. Then the photos were up online available for purchase if the clients liked what they saw.

It was fun and exhausting! We traded off shooting and assisting each other, dividing the work up evenly. Michelle's great to work with and a wonderful child photographer. She also happens to have the most adorable almost-3 year old, redhaired son that I threaten to steal all the time.

We're thinking of doing it again for Mother's and Father's Days. Does your family need an updated portrait? Do you have photos of your kids as they grow like weeds?

I'll keep you posted on any more portrait days.

And this little guy did NOT want to have his photo taken. We did get a few adorable smiling ones, too, but I loved this one:

Listening to: Diana Ross' Greatest Hits


Hybrid Photography said...

That last one made me laugh out loud. :) Too cute!

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

Great job - I love that last one! Sometimes the best pics come from the most uncooperative subjects!