Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kind words

I must confess that I am fighting a cold - not a super bad one, but enough of one that I'm taking it really easy, just watching tv and drinking a LOT of fluids. I haven't gotten sick all winter and know SO many people who have, so I'm almost glad to get this over with.

Anyway, I am gearing up for the biggest and bestest (not a word, ah, who cares) wedding season ever, and I am just so thrilled about everyone I'll be working with. I don't know what it is but my work seems to attract the sweetest, most unique and wonderful couples. I feel so blessed!

These words cheered me up as I'm sniffling through episodes of HBO shows, so I figured, why not share when there's good news:

(from a bride I will be meeting with next week - she mailed me a thank you card!):
"I must pay compliments when compliments are due. You are the first wedding vendor we've contacted to not only offer (before we asked) to send us a preview packet, but also sent it the day you said you would. We got your packet today and I literally did a double-take. THANK YOU. It's much appreciated and will help us feel more prepared when meeting you.
I loved looking through all of the pictures. I LOVE your versatility and uniqueness. (And the fact that you like Macs (versus PC) made my day. I know I'm on the right track. : ) By the way, I couldn't put the little book down. It's darling!"

(I am SO incredibly touched, and can't wait to meet them! Thank you! By the way, the little book she's referring to are these adorable, Mac-printed mini books I've started send out - they really are too cute, and I am happy to send you one or make them of your wedding. I think they'd make great favors; they're really fun)

(this one's from a bride I will be working with in August, with roller-derby lady ushers on actual roller skates for her wedding!):

"my day just got a whole lot better now that we have a photographer!! hope you are having a swell one as well... We'll get this to you very soon with the deposit -- we're THRILLED to have you on board!"

Anyway. Sorry for tooting my own horn, but these ladies made my day.

Now back to resting up. I am looking forward to leaping into wedding season; bring it on!!

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