Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I'm home from Chicago, and sleepily back in the office trying to catch up on emails and so on. I took a TON of photos and will happily share them after I catch up on the more urgent stuff... believe me, I'd love to just shoot and edit photos all the lifelong day, but sadly I gotta do some other stuff first.

Okay, so, fine, some of that "gotta do stuff" stuff is, in fact, going to Napa for a wedding professionals' mixer and lunch. I realize that there are harder jobs in life.

Chicago was amazing - a beautiful city that made me like I was in Europe rather than a big American city. My only regret was not having Devon with me but Austin was a fun brother to explore with and we walked our feets off.

More soon!

p.s., thanks to exciting business credit card usage and traveling, I have a free airfare credit on Jet Blue! Now if only they went somewhere else from the Bay Area... maybe this will be my excuse to try out Florida? Anyone know anything about the Ft. Lauderdale area? Our anniversary is in December...

Anyway - I'm excited.


Richard Lee said...

I'm actually /FROM/ south florida :)

I think that i'd recommend shooting for a bit further south than Ft. Lauderdale... even if you HAVE to fly into Ft. Lauderdale and drive south.

Actually, Rosa and I are planning on heading back to Florida for the holidays!

When I get home i'll drop you an email with some So. Fla info...

Adrienne said...

I got back from Ft. Lauderdale not overly long ago and my only response to it is "eh." I'd agree with the commenter above -- if you have to fly into Ft. Lauderdale, rent a car and go elsewhere. Miami and the Keys aren't that far, really. And are less dumpy and more charming than Ft. Lauderdale.