Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Julia and Beau's Wedding, Redwood Valley Cellars, Mendocino County, California

Julia and Beau were married at the Redwood Valley Cellars, way up in Mendocino County (but just barely), north of Ukiah. We had a wonderful drive up there - a nice change of pace from the hectic traffic we usually encounter in the East Bay or even Sonoma. This is how Devon and I drive up to the lakes or the river (on the few summer days we get a chance), as well as sort of our route to the Mendocino coast, so it was invigorating just to drive that way!

Julia and Beau drove down from their Washington home for the wedding, which took place near Julia's hometown. The venue was a great location for their wedding - far enough to feel like a bit of a vacation, but close to the 101 freeway; lots of beautiful vineyards and a garden, as well as amazingly cool architecture in the tasting room (with an indoor fountain!). I mean... this is pretty awesome stuff!

I also LOVED the colors that they chose - white and a beautiful turquoise-y blue, with a bit of brown. Julia put a lot of work into the details and it really paid off - they looked absolutely fantastic! I've seen the candy bar in wedding magazines before but never in person - so I was thrilled that she created this gorgeous selection of blue tones for her guests to fill their cute little candy boxes with!

Besides the architecture of the building - which I'm guessing had its originations in the 60s - the little corridor of the bathroom/ changing room area was an amazing, retro collection of brown tiles that I loved. Julia was a great sport when I had her pose in the bathroom... I was such a huge fan of her cute wedding dress, and I thought the vintage feel of the tiles and the dress with pearls (and adorable shoes!) really complemented each other. Julia was great at posing and we had fun playing.

Beau was also super cute as he was getting ready... very mellow but maybe a teensy bit nervous too.

And then we have Beau and Julia's "daughter", Lola. I knew I would get a ton of great photos of her because... how could you not?!

I loved their wedding ceremony kiss - great way to start the marriage. You can really see how much they love each other!

While we were taking photos, I asked them, "do you feel married?". They very nonchalantly both responded immediately, "yes." I thought for a minute and said, "did you already feel married?". Again, "yes!". These two have a great connection and will be very happy in their lives together.

Other highlights were their gorgeous cake and flowers:

And the toast the groomsmen gave them... which involved the couple taking off one shoe each, then raising it over their heads depending on the question... "Who's a better cook? Who's better at the Wii?". It was very cute.

Thanks again you guys! You were awesome to work with and everyone had a great time at your wedding.

Check out the slideshow!

edited 1.2.08 - the slideshow has been taken down for server tidiness. Please let me know if you're interested in seeing it.


Ginger Murray said...

I love the detail pics!
They had beautiful creative ideas.
I laughed out loud at the pic of the pug... SO FUNNY!!

Anonymous said...

Jessamyn! So wonderful, again. I think I have found what makes you a truly wonderful photographer - you were able to capture our personalities EXACTLY. That last shoe shot is my fave - Beau as the hesistant, passive one and me as the ready-to-go spontaneous one. Thanks AGAIN! - Julia