Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chicago Part Three

On Sunday, Jackie and Marcin drove Austin and I Northwest (not sure what neighborhood) to visit some of my friends from college. I got to see Dan, Jenna (and meet her fiance and their puppy!), Summer (and meet her husband and their baby!), and enjoy delicious goat cheese, black bean, and scrambled eggs quesadillas, fresh fruit, screwdrivers, and bloody marys with cute little yellow pear tomatoes in them. Thanks Dan!

Dave is very patient as baby Pierson has found a lightswitch:

Baby "Turtle" is exhausted from the heat (and the difficulty of being adorable):

When someone got him water in this little dish, he slurped at it half heartedly before laziness took over, and he tipped the bowl over and put his face in it, and went back to sleep. Gotta respect a guy who knows how to hydrate.

Jenna's beautiful engagement ring:

On our way home we passed the chocolate factory, which we could smell making chocolate several times throughout the weekend. Mmmm!

Jackie has these little degus as pets - very cute:

Next we drove to the suburbs to visit Jackie's family (it was Father's Day, after all). Since it is the summer of the 17 year cicada:

You can grab them really easily (cause they're dumb and slow) and if you gently press their wings they make a grumbly, old man kind of sound sound... very funny.

I made Jackie and Marcin pose on her grandmother's lawn for a split second and grabbed this cute portrait of them. Neener neener Jackie!

We had a great dinner with Jackie's parents and one of her sisters (and her boyfriend). Great conversation, food, dessert and... fireflies! Only the second time EVER I've seen fireflies! That was awesome.

Jackie's dad had a tripod so we set up this simple shot with just on camera flash and the self timer:

Their deck is under construction - can ya tell?

Jackie's mom was very playful and put a cicada in her mouth on a dare:

This cat was super grouchy but she made herself look very scholarly but cuddling up on the books:

On the drive home... we passed this pretty nightscape. Even though I hate Wilco, I got a lot of great shots of these buildings:

Jackieand Marcin's kitty examining the degus:

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justducky said...

LOVE the cicada wings..wish I could hear it.

LOVE the degus, sleepy doggie, cat, baby and people.

LOVE the red & white truck w. Chicago in the back.

JEALOUS over fireflies!