Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I just got this sweet email from Rosa, which has totally made my day:

"hi Jessamyn!

First of all, thank you for absolutely everything! Richard and I couldn't have been happier with your work the day of our wedding, and now looking at the pictures is so much fun. Everyone had nothing but nice things to say about you - you really made a great impression on everyone.

We just got an email and looked at all the pictures you put up. Wow, there are so many! And everything looks so good! I am so happy you were are photographer. I want to take you everywhere and just have you take pictures of us doing everything. :)"

I'm so thrilled that they're loving the photos as much as I loved taking them!

Things are busy but going great over here. I am dying to have a chance to post Julia and Beau's photos from last weekend but gotta get back to emails, phone calls, print orders, and lunch.

I'm feeling so happy, overworked in a good way, and blessed!

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