Friday, January 02, 2009

the New Trust's Pool Party

Even though we live in California, and it is currently in the high 60s, winter can seem really long, cold, and dreary to me. Lately I have been daydreaming almost nonstop about dashing off to Hawaii or Mexico... but it's not looking likely anytime soon! So, until a magical benefactor presents us with time and money to whisk off to the tropics, I will wait patiently for the gorgeous Northern Californian weather to turn towards spring and summer.

In addition, one of my favorite things is the world is swimming, but I don't like swimming in indoor pools (too chloriney for me). To that end, I have these old pool party photos to share! In reality, most of them aren't that old - a few months ago, some good friends of ours in the band The New Trust had an amazing record release/ birthday party at the local outdoor public pool. I had lived less than a mile away for 3 and a half years, but never even noticed that this pool has a sweet slide and water fun! It was a mid-October, evening pool party, but everyone seemed warm enough, and we all had a blast. I brought my Lomo Frogeye underwater camera and passed it around for some fun, grainy underwater film shots.

Here's Matthew supervising the swimming (and voter registration):

A couple of cuties!

I hope that TNT makes this an annual thing! You guys are so awesome! Check out their music here. How many bands do you know not only rock, but have a talented photographer and graphic designer in the band, and release their album on CD, record AND cassette tape? I think we have all three versions in this house, hooray!

The cover of The New Trust's newest album (see the water theme?) taken by the lovely and talented Sara Sanger, who is not only the photographer here but the pretty lady in front. I think this shoot involved a kiddie pool, black cloth, and a lot of ziplocs on the camera remote control.

Here, from the same roll of underwater film, are shots from the late summer of 07 - my friend and Liza soaking in the sun at my aunt's pool. I can't wait to enjoy the hot sunshine again, hopefully soon!

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baffle said...

Glug Glug Glug!

Wild and crazy and downright wonderful!

You, my dear one (I truly think of you as another DollinkDaughter) - can do anything and everything creative with your camera.

I love.