Tuesday, January 13, 2009

stuff I like lately

I'm going to post a photo blog later but I thought I'd share a few pop culture things I'm into lately. It's fun to be able to share random, non-photography thoughts, so I hope you're into it too!

- TV on DVD! Since it's January, I do a wee bit of hibernating (although today it looks to be in the 80s again, so I'll be outside when I'm not on the computer), and snuggle up to movies and tv on dvd. This month I've been watching Charmed (not exactly something I would recommend, but fun nevertheless) and Commander-In-Chief, which is just blowing my mind! I am having a hard time putting my full critique into words, but let me just say that Geena Davis is gorgeous (does she ever age?) and just amazing as the first female president. It is a fascinating reminder to me how effective and important it is to be able to identify a bit with figureheads of power. Even though I am a strong feminist and believe in equal rights for all Americans, it is still a bit of a shock to watch a confident, assertive woman stand her ground and not cave or waffle under so much pressure from all around her. There is a lot that is unrealistic, of course, but there's enough truth in the Shakespearean/Greek Tragedy political machinations, the behind-the-scenes West Wing stuff, and just the every day job of a president, to keep me riveted on top of the interest of watching a woman in the job (and a redhead even!). I expected it to be a silly, fluffy show, but I think it's really impressive (though I'm pretty sure it got canceled after 2 seasons... oh well). I definitely recommend checking it out!

This is a long excerpt but a more interesting discussion about torture than I have ever seen on television (or from the current administration):

- Tartelette, Cannelle et Vanille, and several other photography and food blogs. I like starting my day by looking through my blog subscriptions, and find that these blogs ruin any notions of a more wholesome, sugar-free diet for me. The photos are gorgeous, the desserts are delicate, and the sugar is free flowing!
The blogger behind Tartelette shared a great post and interview about her food photography that I found inspiring, so check it out!
Cake Wrecks is another favorite, for its hilariously bad "decorated" cakes.

- Books: I have an addiction to reading, so aside from Barack Obama's "Audacity of Hope (which has me really looking forward to his inauguration and administration), I've been reading lots of novels: Brick Lane, Don't You Forget About Me, the Sooky Stackhouse series (hey, I like vampires, ok?), and more. I have a stack next to my bed and more on my list, but can always use more reading recommendations, so send 'em my way.

-Facebook. Sigh. With some ambivalence, I (along with every single person I have ever met) am now on Facebook and can be added as your friend. I view it with a combination of excitement (I work at home all day and this is like having hundreds of friends, right?) and disappointment (is that all there is? Oh, this person that I never actually spoke to in 10th grade recognizes me and wants to be friends?). I'm not sure how long the experiment will last, but for now I am spending too much time on there, so feel free to add me.

I am still, of course, doing lots of picture-taking and photo-editing during this time, and have photos upon photos to share. So, there is my almost-all text post for the day, and now on to more pictures!

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