Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

I am back from my trip, and so enjoying the beauty and joy of this Inauguration Day. I admire President Obama and his beautiful First Family for many reasons, and it is such a great feeling to see so many fellow Americans celebrating!

I will be posting more work related stuff this week, but just wanted to give the Obamas a little shout out. I'm celebrating the day by taking it off from work, cooking a bunch of Indian food from this wonderful cookbook my loving husband got me for Christmas, and watching the Inaugural Parade online.

I saw this post over at sfgirlbybay about a brand new McSweeney's book, called "Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country", filled with children's letters of advice for the new president. It sounds very cute.

Happy new president day!!

(PS - in honor of the president's ability to make fun of himself, I will share this story: when myself and my brother and sister were young, on the 4th of July, my parents would often put on a record of marching bands performing John Philip Sousa's patriotic and military marches... and the three kids would march around the yard with little American flags! It was ridiculously nerdy... and I kind of feel like doing that today : ) )

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