Friday, February 20, 2009

Eternal Champions' first show! Private holiday party

Devon's new band played their first show - finally! - in December, at our friends' office holiday party. His band, Eternal Champions, along with the band Loma Prieta, rocked the house. But that wasn't all - there was also a massage therapist, a caricature artist, a fortune teller, a craps table, and lots and lots of snacks! It was the most fun holiday party I've ever been to.

Here's Dev before the show - looking nervous yet drinking more coffee:

The warehouse location (top secret, sorry) of the party is filled with arcade games and other fun stuff!

Everyone loves Olympia the dog:

This is one of my favorite recent music purchases - in the age of the mp3 digital download, some of our friends decided to release their most recent albums on cassette tape. Everything is totally true to the old school style of tapes. I bought two, one to listen to and one to keep in mint condition, because I am a HUGE geek, but then Devon knocked the "mint" one over and the packaging ripped open. So, if anyone wants the 5 tape collection and missed out... let me know ; )

First was Loma Prieta, with Devon's best friend for over 15 years now, Sean, singing and playing guitar. Loudly but beautifully!

Josh Staples of the Velvet Teen and the New Trust guests for a few pretty phrases on one song:

And then Eternal Champions hit the floor! I am biased (it's true) but people seemed to really like them. I've tried to describe them, and the closest I can come is "video game inspired music with metal riffs".

What do you do when your guitar strap falls completely off? Just drop to your knees and keep jamming!

Everything is really, really grainy (and out of focus) because it was extremely dark in there. During the Loma Prieta set, I was like, ok, cool, this is fun to experiment with. Then someone turned out even MORE lights, so I was basically shooting by the light of really-far-away Christmas lights and Devon's laptop screen. Something like ISO 3200, pushed in RAW processing, at f1.4 and 1/20th of a second.

OK, I'm off for the weekend, so have a lovely weekend, don't forget to enter my engagement shoot giveaway contest (or inquire about your discounted portrait session), and stay tuned for more photos soon!

In the meantime, enjoy the sun (SF Bay Area only, I guess - and we're supposed to get rain, so enjoy it for about another hour). Our daffodils (which we didn't know we had - yay for moving into a house with new mystery bulbs planted!) popped up out of nowhere yesterday, so vibrant and yellow. Hooray for spring!

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