Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Stinson Beach late summer day

I know we've had gorgeous weather here in the Bay Area even though it's January. It's a little colder and more overcast today, and hopefully we will be getting some much needed rain in the next few days. With that in mind, I wanted to share these silly pictures from a lovely late summer day (last September), when Devon and I joined friends at the beach! The weather was perfectly clear, still, and sunny. It was one of my favorite days in recent memories.

Check out these beatniks! This is our friend Sean's version of a bathing suit... cutoff black jean shorts.

And Devon's... homemade "crab claw" t-shirt (made by Alyssa), board shorts, and silly expression.

It was just so gorgeous out... we all swam, like, really swam in the ocean! If you're not from Northern California, you probably don't know what a rare treat it is to be able to actually enter the ocean without a wetsuit (or hypothermia).

(In this picture you can almost see San Francisco across to the left. On a clear night, you can see all of the city lights from the very rural beach. Stinson is one of my favorite places in the world!)

Alyssa enjoying some sweet shade.

I love the beauty of West Marin County...

This sign cracks me up. My grandparents used to live in the "gated" part of Stinson Beach, Seadrift. I guess this sign is meant to keep out the "riff raff" from the private part...

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justducky said...

Did you know you can see the Farralon Islands on a really clear day?

Speaking of clear, I love the blues and the pinks.