Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Megan's Haircut!

(Edited to add: Megan's doing the Avon Walk for breast cancer awareness and research. Click here to contribute to her fundraising efforts for this walk!)

My friend Megan recently got some bad news: breast cancer. The good news is, it is (WAS! I believe that cancer has officially been kicked to the curb) very treatable. The bad news was, of course, the treatment: surgery, surgery, radiation (I think?) and chemotherapy. Megan's kept very positive throughout the process (even bringing me a housewarming gift a day before her first surgery!), and decided that before her first round of chemo, she wanted to have her family and friends join her for her fabulous, dramatic haircut. She invited me along to document the process, and it was actually a lot of fun! She was nice enough to let me share some of the shots on my blog.

Here are some befores:

The beautiful women of Megan's family (and her best friend):

One last moment of hesitancy...

Can't have a celebration without champagne and chocolate kisses!

Megan's hairstylist and friend, Lauren, was great about not giving her any time to get too nervous. She just dove in and hacked that hair right off!

Lots of cute possible styles emerged on the way to the final one.

And, the final result!

I think it looks adorable. I don't think Meg's started losing any hair due to chemo yet, but when she does, it will go from this cute pixie cut to (probably) bald. Much less scary than finding big chunks of shoulder length hair on the pillow, and much easier to grow back to in a few months! Good luck with the rest of your treatment, Megan! I hope that you're kicking back and enjoying that silly movie I sent you.


Brandi said...

I think she looks absolutely beautiful!

justducky said...

What an adoreable cut...she really looks great.

What a fun day to photograph.

I wish her well.