Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jeannette and Hoover, Wayfarer's Chapel, Rancho Palos Verdes and Alegria Restaurant, Long Beach

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Oh, I am so excited to share Jeannette and Hoover's wedding photos! These two were unbelievably sweet, adorable, in love, and welcoming. Seriously, you guys... thank you! Thank you for hiring me (and my sister-in-law/ assistant Alyssa) to fly down to Long Beach for your wedding, thank you for having a beautiful daytime wedding ceremony on the coast, thank you for the shockingly sunny and clear SoCal weather in January, thank you for the delicious meals... At the end of the day, I was exhausted, full of tasty food, and so happy!

The ceremony took place at the beautiful Wayfarer's Chapel, a glass Swedenborgian Church in Rancho Palos Verdes. It was stunning, and I quickly realized that some of the characters from the O.C. were married there! OK, yes, it is embarrassing that I know that, and I hope that didn't ruin any of the wonderful memories of your day, J&H! :)

Anywhere, the day was crystal clear and blue (and sunny and HOT), so we had a perfect view of the ocean. So lovely.

Here's Jeannette about to get married - getting final, finishing touches from her sisters:

The ceremony:

The Newlyweds! (This image was shot on b/w 120/ medium format film, on the bride and groom's request. You can see the beautiful depth of detail from the film on their faces... I've added the beginnings of a "Film/ Alternative Processes" portfolio on my updated site.)

Don't you love Jeannette's simple but elegant bouquet? I thought it went really well with her vintage-y white dress. And I was glad it wasn't too fussy, since when we stopped to do portraits in the hot sun on our way to the reception, the bouquet got a little wilty...

A couple more medium format shots:

And color film taken with my Holga!

The ceremony was on the coast in Orange County, and the lunch reception was at a restaurant in downtown Long Beach. On our way to the reception, we stopped for a good chunk of time to do more portraits on the coast. It was a challenge, since it was so bright that we could all barely see, but it was great fun to play with the light. I can always do very quick portraits at weddings - and realize that that's often all we have time for - but it's always an extra treat for me when the bride and groom set aside an hour just for portraits! I will never turn that down :)

Just a couple of Jeannette only - loved the dress, loved the veil, and look at how lovely and enigmatic she looks!

I must admit, I get a little nervous asking for the brand new wedding rings, to arrange them on a rock in a patch of weeds - but these guys were totally into it, and I'm really happy with how the shot turned out.

Next we drove into Long Beach to the restaurant, Alegria (which was very tasty, friendly, and colorful. And right in downtown Long Beach, which reminded me of downtown San Jose a bit).

Jeannette's mom made Mexican wedding cookies as favors, resulting in three desserts after an already hearty lunch! It was all delicious, though (and the restaurant was even nice enough to create a bit of a gourmet vegan meal for Alyssa). The yummy cupcakes were from Sprinkles.

Jeannette told me I was going to enjoy photographing all of the color at the reception, and I did! She designed the save-the-dates, invitations, and menus with a simple but fabulous look.

There was lots of happy toasting and affection!

And these cuties!

I know everyone there would agree that it was one of the loveliest weddings they've ever been to! Thanks again so much for having me there. I loved the opportunity to travel, to meet and photograph you two, to get a slice of LA summer in January,... and to go to Disneyland with Alyssa the next day! :) Jeannette and Hoover, please let me know if you ever find yourselves coming up to the Bay Area, I'd love to meet up for tea and to say hello. Happy Marriage!


Jenny + Hoover said...

Jesamyn, thank you for joining us on our wedding day as well. We loved having you and Alyssa be part of our day. We are thrilled with our images!
All our best.
Jeannette & Hoover

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One Love Photo said...

Great job~! We shot their engagement photos this fall in Laguna and I was so excited to see them here on their sunny wedding day.

SeriousCraft.com said...

The little kids are sooooooo adorable. Oh the little tux... I want to squeeze those plump cheeks!